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Certain events take place that, I feel, could have done with further explanation. This is all personal preference though!! The premise of Fragments is great, with a strong story behind it.


A New Evader Team (Cassandra Chronicles Book 8) - Kindle edition by David Arnold White. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . 年8月14日 Have put my first book; A New Evader Team, Cassandra Chronicle number 8,on KDP. I have the other 11 books in rough draft or outlined.

I gave Fragments 3 stars on Goodreads, dropping stars for the aforementioned issues that I had. Do not let my review put you off though! Fragments is part of a series, of which I have heard great things!!! I have quite a few books on my shelves that have been there for quite some time, but I could be here all day listing them. In the midst of his distinguished law school career, James Starrs made an extraordinary leap into the politically fraught, physically arduous business of actually exhuming bodies to solve cold cases that have defied answers for years.

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Helped by cutting-edge technology as well as the forensic science he had been teaching for decades, he has made important discoveries. These fascinating revelations are dramatically chronicled in A Voice for the Dead. Mary Sullivan-was she, as supposed, a victim of Albert DeSalvo, who confessed, perhaps falsely, to being the Boston Strangler? And the Cold War government scientist who fell to his death from a high floor of a New York hotel-did he jump or was he pushed? A motorway service station on the M1: dimly lit, run down, poorly supervised, flickering lights, dark corners; a favourite stopover for long-distance lorry drivers on their way up north from London.

Behind it, a body is found in a ditch, that of a girl barely out of her teens. She appears to have no family, no friends, no connections anywhere. Other girls have gone missing in the vicinity and no one has stepped forward to claim them. Anna Travis is assigned to the case.

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Her blood runs cold when she receives a letter from a lifer — someone she was responsible for arresting in the past — who writes to her from prison, asking her to visit him urgently. For he claims he knows who the killer is….

Her husband is an adulterer, her sister is his mistress, and soon, Louise will lose everything she owns. But she never imagined she would lose her daughter. Eighteen-year-old Brooke Leighton is missing. Has Brooke run away? Or has she been taken against her will? And can Louise aid the investigation without mentioning the night where all of her troubles began? If she mentions that night, she will incriminate her daughter for heinous crimes.


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Sometimes the past comes back to kill you. I started this last night and managed to read almost half of it before I succumbed to sleep! Ah, hello?! Louise flees to their country home as one would! Early on, we are told that Louise and her daughter Brooke harbour a secret that could bring them all down. We do not learn this secret until the last few action filled chapters. This suspense is what kept me reading.

Morbid curiosity gnawed at me until I finally read what happened on that fateful night. Moving to the country home is not without peril. Unsettling things start happening, and Louise is convinced someone knows their secret.

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Brooke also arrives at the house, but after a heated exchange during her stay, she ends up going back to the train station to get a train back to London. From here on in, the book amps up the pace as we witness the unraveling of family life both in London and the Cotswolds. The ending of the book, for me, was quite unexpected. You can buy your copy here! Leah Mills lives a life of a fugitive — kept on the run by one terrible day from her past. It is a lonely life, without a social life or friends until — longing for a connection — she meets Julian. For the first time she dares to believe she can live a normal life.

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Then, on the fourteenth anniversary of that day, she receives a card. Someone knows the truth about what happened. But is Leah all she seems? Or does she deserve everything she gets? Everyone has secrets. But some are deadly. I essentially read this in one day.

Leah lives a fairly solitary life, living on her own and holding down a job in a library. Her only solace is found online in chat rooms where nobody knows her or what has happened in her life. Through the chat room, Leah meets Julian. Meeting him gives Leah hope for a new life. Sufficed to say all does not go according to plan that is not a spoiler!!!

This book is thrilling and engrossing beyond words. I was hooked from the first few pages. I kept thinking I had it figured out and then something else would be said that would throw me off completely. Essentially, the past was teenage misadventure gone horrifically wrong. In my opinion, it was completely unforseeable until the very time it was explained. I was totally shocked, but I also felt sorry for Leah at having to bear the brunt of everything.

The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression

I wholeheartedly loved this book. I am so glad I finally got around to reading it. I can only hope to reach my target! I own all 8 of these books, I have read 1 already. The other seven books are sitting pretty on my kindle. I, of course, said yes! By pure coincidence, going through my Kindle last week, I actually found out I had bought a copy of his book!

So I plan on getting to this during November too! It looks good! Israel 's irruption into Lebanon that year also gave an impetus to the birth of Hezbollah, the modestly named "Party of God," which mobilized the Shia underclass and gradually placed it under the leadership of the theocratic dictatorship in Iran that had come to power three years previously. It was in lovely Lebanon , too, having learned to share the kidnapping business with the ranks of organized crime, that the faithful moved on to introduce us to the beauties of suicide bombing.

I can still see that severed head in the road outside the near-shattered French embassy. On the whole, I tended to cross the street when the prayer meetings broke up. Bombay also used to be considered a pearl of the Orient, with its necklace of lights along the corniche and its magnificent British Raj architecture. It was one of India's most diverse and plural cities, and its many layers of texture have been cleverly explored by Salman Rushdie— especially in The Moor's Last Sigh— and in the films of Mira Nair.

It is true that there had been inter-communal fighting there, during the time in when the grand historic movement for Indian self-government was being ruined by Muslim demands for a separate state and by the fact that the Congress Party was led by a pious Hindu. But probably as many people took refuge in Bombay during that moment of religious bloodlust as were driven or fled from it.

A form of cultural coexistence resumed, as often happens when cities are exposed to the sea and to influences from outside. Parsis—former Zoroastrians who had been persecuted in Persia —were a prominent minority, and the city was also host to a historically significant community of Jews. But this was not enough to content Mr.