Confessions of a Good Christian Guy: The Secrets Men Keep and the Grace that Saves Them

Confessing to One Another
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In a continuation of Confessions of a Good Christian Girl, Tammy Maltby is back with coauthor Tom Davis to get specific about the brokenness and pain in the lives of good Christian men. This isn't a lurid expose but an honest and courageous look at the secrets most often lurking behind "victorious" Christian facades. In addition to the transparent stories and insight from Davis, Matlby concludes each chapter with reflections for those who care-practical insight for individuals walking beside a man struggling with these issues.

Underneath the title of the book's cover are the words What an amazing book. I think every man and teenage boy in our churches should read this. It is honest and straight forward and it calls the reader to be also. Does that mean not turning to Christ and pray when I have sinned intentionally? Hi Steve, I thought you said in this page that those who deliberately keep on sinning, cannot be forgiven?

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I would love to speak with you further regarding this topic possibly on a one on one basis. Add to Cart. The study of sacred liturgy is to be ranked among the compulsory and major courses in seminaries and religious houses of studies; in theological faculties it is to rank among the principal courses. Ships within weeks Not available in stores. Hi steve. I had to grow.

Thanks for your question. When I talk about someone who deliberately keeps on sinning, I mean that they never turn from their sin to trust Christ to forgive them, change them, and satisfy them. If someone has been continuing in sin, but then turns to Christ, they are no longer deliberately keeping on sinning. And they can be completely assured of forgiveness. Hi Steve.. So I think I just go ahead and sin. After that, I learnt about willful sin. I wish to turn to Jesus now, hoping He will forgive me.

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Do you think I can still be forgiven? Because you see, I know the severity of it, and I know I cannot sin intentionally, yet I still do it. I wish He could forgive me. Will God punish me for not knowing? Now, I wish God will forgive me.

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So, do you think God is willing to forgive me for what I have done? So if you are turning to him, confessing your sin, and fighting with the word and prayer to kill your sin — you can be fully assured that he has forgiven you. So pray Psa , confess whatever sins you are aware of, and you can be fully assured that you are completely forgiven. Based on what you said, does that mean I can still be forgiven even if I deliberately keep sinning in the past, but now I wish to turn to God?

I have read that if a Christian who is still commiting sin by deliberately breaking any of the Ten Commandments, and is anxious to repent, then he is not one who has come to the knowledge of truth and turned away from sin. The very fact that one wants to repent is proof that he is still able to be saved, for God has not rejected him and has sent him a delusion as described in 2 Thessalonians.

So have I come to the knowledge of truth?

Sorry for any inconvenience caused! We are not saved by forgiving those who have wronged us. We are saved because we have been given faith in Jesus Christ, as a free gift. If we have genuine faith in Jesus Christ we are saved even if we have Unforgivness. Getting saved or being reconciled to God happens when God imputes the righteousness of Christ unto us. Our sins are covered not forgiven. Our sins are forgiven when we confess them.

At this point a lot of forgiveness happens, because we acknowledge to ourselves and to God the we are sinful. But we must from that point forward continue to confess or sins. God many times will deal with our hearts about past sins we have committed against others and move us to go to them and ask for forgiveness. It is at this time we must begin to learn how to forgive. If we never learn how to forgive our life will be miserable because it leaves a door open for the enemy to rob us of Gods blessings.

If only it were. Many believers deceive them selves into believing this and yet still harbor Unforgivness. There are many, this is just one.

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Many people believe forgiveness constitutes going to God and saying God I forgive this person or that person for wronging me. If forgiveness were this easy then all we would have to do is make a list of all of those who have wronged us, go down it and tell God that we forgive them. I knew a person — a genuine, born again, believer who would always talk to me about how certain people had done them wrong, and it was true, they had been done wrong.

Their dialogue regarding the events that happened between them and a particular person that had wronged them would go on for 10, 20 or 30 mins. This person would repeat these dialogues about a number of different people many times through out the year. Sometimes 5 or 6 times about the same person.

The scripture that comes to mind with regard to this is Romans If we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus AND believe in our hearts… different subject but the same principle How do with get forgiveness from our mouth to our heart? It happens at a moment in time, the moment we believe on Jesus. Forgiveness on the other hand is a process. Sometimes forgiveness comes relatively easily, other times it seems to be a very difficult challenge.

This is a spiritual inheritance, what some might call a generational curse. You could call this a generational blessing. Some things are just easier to forgive then others.

Confessions of a Good Christian Guy: The Secrets Men Keep and the Grace That Saves Them

That can vary depending on the particular persons life experiences as well as their spiritual heritage. Believing that simply saying that you forgive someone — ends the matter, can be very misleading. The first step to overcoming a sin is to confess it. Especially if we are a person that spends so much time thinking about God, praying, reading scripture and a great number of other religious pursuits which the particular person I have referred to can be described as.

I personally consider myself to be growing in forgiveness. I trust in the word of your son Jesus who said If I had faith and doubted not, that what so ever I ask in prayer believing, I would receive.

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Confessions of a Good Christian Guy: The Secrets Men Keep and the Grace That Saves Them [Tammy Maltby, Tom Davis] on *FREE* shipping on. Confessions of a Good Christian Guy: The Secrets Men Keep and the Grace that Saves Them eBook: Thomas J. Davis, Tammy Maltby, Tom Davis:

If we confess our sin God is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. As a result, we will be able to forgive them from the heart. At those times, what we must do is turn back to Christ and trust him once again to forgive us, change us, and satisfy us in himself. As we ask for his help in prayer, and meditate on who he is in the word, the Spirit will once again change our hearts so we are fully satisfied in him and able to forgive. Like He told me to read his word and fill my heart up with the truth for my self and some other things he said to.

I believe that this is absolutely truth that i needed to hear and know. Because i know that i hold forgiveness for the person in my heart, when ever its rubbed it comes out upon other persons that remind me of this person. Michelle: I remember one time I was praying. I was very disturbed about a particular person in the church I was attending. He was a musician. I was a song writer. I was asking for help with some of my songs. I was so nervous I think I was vibrating.

As I sang I noticed this brother in the very back our church was only about 12 rows deep at the time standing there shaking his head, laughing. I was in disbelief. He was a in a position of leadership in the church. Was it appropriate of him to respond to me in this way? It devastated me. I was encouraged by one in the church who wept at my song despite my ineptness. I could see that they were genuinely touched. I took my hurt feelings to God in prayer.


But he was never very receptive. He always treated me with a kinda… dislike. So as I was saying, I took my hurt feelings to God in prayer. I told God I forgave him and that I loved this brother, a lot of other things along those lines. But it all began to come clear. I did hate this brother. I had to confess that. Other wise it would continue to plague me.

I wound up leaving that church — broken hearted. I was very spiritually immature. I had to grow. I went thru some intense bitterness. I was even angry with God for allowing this to happen. I thought becoming a Christian was supposed to make me happy. I thought I was lost. I had even become involved in a premarital relationship. I remember talking to a brother once at a convenience store, actually he was witnessing to me.