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Einfach glücklich sein!: 7 Schlüssel zur Leichtigkeit des Seins (German Edition)
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The surprising result was that the high flexibility of the IDP actually helps it bind to its lock — in this case, a nuclear transport receptor, which shuttles proteins into the nucleus. The simulations even suggested the binding to be ultrafast — faster than any other association of that kind recorded to date.

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HITS conducts basic research in the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science, with a focus on the processing, structuring, and analyzing of large amounts of complex data and the development of computational methods and software. The research fields range from molecular biology to astrophysics.

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HITS also cooperates with other universities and research institutes and with industrial partners. The ultrafast and yet selective binding allows the receptor gold to rapidly travel through the pore filled with disordered proteins blue into the nucleus, whle any unwanted molecules are kept ourside.

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This is only available in English Click here to go to the German home page. In today's economy and society, business as usual doesn't work anymore.

We are faced with massive, disruptive crises, on an individual level as well as on an organizational and systemic level. To deal with it, it demands new ways of thinking and doing, new approaches and values. It demands creativity. So, how do we foster creativity? As a core competence of artists, one possibility is to learn from artistic creativity and transfer its principles to the challenges we are faced with.