How to Achieve Sucess in 60 seconds.

The Internet in 60 Seconds
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We engage the locals and expats of a region who then share our content with their international friends, creating a very wide organic reach from the start. We have to be quick and glossy at the same time. A project like 60seconds. Our main camera is the Sony a7S II, an extremely versatile and small camera that can literally see in the dark because of its magnificent high ISO performance.

Action stirs up energy! (The Law of Attraction in 60 Seconds—with Justin Perry)

The built in stabilizer allows us to shoot quickly without a tripod. It also enables us to save a lot on lenses.

Cricut easypress 2 9x9

For our purposes we do not need to buy stabilized solutions anymore and can work with full frame Tamron lenses. On the subject of stabilization, we found a way to shoot breathtaking scenes on the go with the Zhiyun Crane. Filmmakers know about the quality boost that a proper gimbal adds to the result but the problem has always been portability.

The Zhiyun Crane solves that issue by not being much bigger than a selfie stick. When it comes to transportation we really like the bags from Peak Design.

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Their quick access systems and durability are simply awesome. Their cool design also makes them easy on the eye. Portability is key and that also comes into play with aerial shots.

Our Mavic Pro is a drone that literally fits into your pocket. To get cinematic results we work with ND filters and visors that can be attached to the gimbal.

How to Make Better First Impressions in 60 Seconds

You want to tell your story in 60 seconds? You want to show your country, city, region or brand to a global, young and travel oriented audience?

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Just give us a call, reach us via our Social Media platforms or drop us an email. We can then provide you with all the information you need. The Free State of Bavaria turned and asked us to produce a seconds portrait in our way, in cooperation with Bavaria's famous comedian Harry G as the German host. And of course we were very happy to spend 40 more seconds on our homeland. We always wanted to go to South Africa. They asked us to shoot 12 informative films for the German market.

The short videos answer tourists most frequently asked questions e. The world famous university of Munich asked us to introduce the campus to their freshmen. In addition to our engineering, testing and simulation solutions, AVL has built up an extensive portfolio of fuel cell technology for more than two decades across multiple technologies e.

We have over global fuel cell experts working at our headquarters and testing facilities around the world.

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More recently, AVL has experienced a massive acceleration of interest and progress in fuel cell activities. This has not only brought strong growth across multiple applications but has also catapulted fuel cells into mainstream mobility solutions across passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Today AVL is involved in roughly 50 fuel cell development projects together with various leading global players from the automotive, power-generation, marine and locomotive sectors.

Sixty Seconds to Success: Hacking The Elevator Pitch

Our goal is to significantly increase the number and capacity of our fuel cell testbeds, including those focused on heavy-duty truck applications kW. We have also partnered with and became a shareholder in Greenlight Innovation, a global leader in hydrogen fuel cell testing in Vancouver, Canada. This investment enables us to introduce advanced testing solutions for entire fuel cell powertrains even quicker, which will allow vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to meet the shift from research toward production-driven development.

Are there any inspiring or exciting hydrogen related projects that you are involved in, and would like to tell us about? To date, AVL has conducted more than fuel cell research and commercial projects in-house, as well as with academic and industrial partners. AVL is also involved in a major fuel cell system development project that will start in China next year.

With these steps, AVL aspires to contribute to the rise of a complete hydrogen ecosystem for new mobility and energy solutions.


At the moment, AVL is working on several exciting mobility solutions from passenger cars, commercial vehicles, submarine and locomotive, stationary power generation and other applications, covering cell aspects, stack, BoP, system, software and diagnostics and functional development for the application.

These solutions are already hinting at the exciting future the market will see in the upcoming years.

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Can you share any hydrogen related milestones that your company has recently accomplished or is actively pursuing? AVL has been active in the field of fuel cells for powertrains, portable and stationary power generators, and hydrogen generation by electrolysis since and has built up a strong IP position and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

Mission abort?

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As mentioned before a further key milestone in AVL fuel cell development is the fuel cell plug-in technology demonstrator vehicle, which has been recently showcased by AVL at the Vienna Motor Symposium. This vehicle implements innovative solutions for next generation vehicles, such as a simplified fuel cell system architecture and innovative diagnostics-based control algorithms, to extend the lifetime of fuel cells.

Will you be attending or participating in any hydrogen related events in the next few months that that we should be aware of?

We are also planning to bring fuel cell topics to the Automotive Testing Expo,. Have you noticed any trends in the way hydrogen energy is being used in the regions where you operate? Where do you see potential for greater hydrogen use and integration into existing systems? We strongly believe in a much broader use of hydrogen as a major energy carrier to transform our energy system towards renewable resources such as wind and solar. We see many of these activities and discussions, e. In particular, we focus our research on next generation high-temperature electrolysis SOEC for the highly efficient production of hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives.

We also see an increasing number of hydrogen filling stations worldwide as an indicator of market acceptance and growth. AVL places considerable emphasis on research to advance the development of IP and cooperates closely with universities and research institutions. In close cooperation with our customers, we strive to integrate and expand the fuel cell into SOP.