Les Amours du Chico (French Edition)

Michel Zévaco (1860–1918)
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Concert Intime. Pyjama Party.

Concert Intime avec Yves Desrosiers. Sources Sources was released in , recorded partly in Rio de Janeiro. Nocturno Nocturno was released in , a collaboration between Bia and her producer and bass player Erik West-Millette. A Volta Do Malandro Buarque 2. Mon Amour Barouh, Vallejo 3. Barouh, Mille 4. Estate Bruqhetti, Martino 6. La Nuit des Masques Barouh, Buarque 7. Le Miroir aux Oiseaux Duino 9.

Playas marinas (French translation)

La Tour de Constance Duino Los Hermanos Yupanqui Les Mures Sauvages Krieger 4. Piccoli Fiumi Testa 5. Minha Andorinha Krieger 6. Olga Maria Krieger 7. Sonho Meu Carvalho, Lara Complainte Africaine Duino Aunque Es de Noche de la Cruz, Pradal… Carmin Intro Galdino, Krieger, West 2. Mariana Krieger 3. Polvere Di Gesso Testa 4.

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Helena Krieger 5. Lobo Krieger 8. Andei Procurando Krieger 9. Ilhabela Krieger Appel [Apelo] DeMoraes, Powell 9. Bilingue Krieger Feio Krieger, West-Millette 2. Caminhar Krieger 3. The Alzy guitars play exciting variations of the hypnotic bass guitar lick. One of the songs on this album asks what remains of our loves.

The answer is Billie Jean , of course. It is of course the second that best describes the subject here, which looks back over a happy past whose memories remain a moment of joy. A hymn to love that makes me want to rediscover the repertoire of that moving wordsmith who had rhythm in the blood. No one is the same after hearing this song. The soft harmonies and the bossa nova swing mixed into the jazz are pleasing. The vibrations are good and the energy is there. A nice interpretation of Nougaro.

Dark, obstinate and… tender, as shown by the lyrics of this song, a hard-boiled guy who falls head over heels in love with a baby girl.

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His baby girl. Ever since, Claude has always been with us. He had blues, jazz and poetry in his blood. He was like a big brother, rebel and protector. I never pass in front of his brick house in Paris without my heart skipping a beat.

ISBN 13: 9781511691574

Thank you, the Alzy Trio, for helping to keep the legend of this magnificent artist alive. It sounded really great and Elsy Fleriag, the singer was really excellent. Or is there redemption through poetry which, when melded with the melodies that bare our hearts, cultivates from the ruins the essence of that which will remain the vital chord of all feeling, for entire generations of lovers and music lovers?

Emotion just barely contained, true feeling expressed along the trails of an inner voyage, a desire, a moment in life.

The lyrics by Nougaro exude the many fragrances of a young woman coming into being. Of course, his words and his notes echoed my own desires far beyond any rhyme or reason. No doubt because the Nougaro of that time, still a young man, stood, to my open eyes and ears, as a son of the south, where they play rugby, and as a child born of jazz, java and opera.

Histoire d' un Amour - French Latino

Blues for the fertile sadness of autumn, then the rite of spring and the joy, still there, for the music. A leaf falls, a few notes of music and an entire universe springs up, always the same, never the same. This time, it is the Alzy Trio that interprets this classic jazz tune for our greater pleasure.

What were their names again? I have forgotten them, but not the tune, so heady and exuberant, composed by Michel Legrand. The two were so frivolous, mischievous and such a pain. And they were still so frivolous, mischievous and such a pain.

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It almost seems that the girls from Rochefort, along the Atlantic coast of France, had already set their sights on the South-American rhythms so dear to the Alzy Trio. He is the only composer, with Joseph Kosma and Charles Trenet and a few others to have made a permanent stamp on the international repertoire of standards and evergreens, from which jazzmen looking for melodies have long drawn their inspiration.