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Top 10 H.P. Lovecraft Stories
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It gives a good idea to the reader of the typical Lovecraftian protagonist—a man driven to explore otherworldly secrets of things operating beyond the sphere of the scientific community, and with a connection to his own family history. The protagonist character is stronger and more relatable than a number of similar Lovecraftian narrators, and his experience is more fraught with reality. The tale ends in particularly satisfying fashion, wrapping up loose ends and making the connection between the narrator and his story clear.

One could say that this might make it an ideal starting point for someone who has never read a single Lovecraft story. This is a good example of what is most assuredly a cosmic horror story, but not one dealing in any particular way with the Cthulhu Mythos. Upstairs resides an elderly German man, the titular Erich Zann, who at night can be heard playing eerie, otherworldly melodies on the viol for reasons that are initially mysterious.

I especially enjoy the tidy, Twilight Zone -esque ending, of which I can only assume that Rod Serling would have approved. Coming out of the period of possession like a man emerging from a strange fugue state, he launches into an investigation of just what his physical form has been up to for all this time, which leads him to a secret installation on Earth that houses the secrets of the Great Race of Yith. If one of them rolls over in their sleep, thousands of years of human civilization could be crushed—instantly, and with no chance to do anything about it. Our petty accomplishments are accomplishments in our eyes only, and at any moment the wool could be pulled from our eyes, revealing just how screwed we are in the grand scheme of things.

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But to write off all of his works simultaneously would be short-sighted. The architectural descriptives are a fascinating assemblage of images as well as the concept of an amphibious race, corrupting the human stock. This Is Your Brain on Lovecraft.

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New and experienced readers of Lovecraft will be captivated by the horror and subtle humor of these carefully crafted stories. Lovecraft Updated on March 19, The story centers around the written account, perhaps ramblings, of an unnamed man of seafaring background, now heavily addicted to the drug, morphine. The stories in this book actively seek the gray area in horror with tales of regular people in irregular situations. Yes, I had no intentions of starting this book and the only reason I decided to read it was the fact that it was super short, and yet it took me a long time to finish Read for February Reading Sprint in Buddy Reads. Tamales are anachronistic, aren't they?

Any Questions? Picking The Whisperer in Darkness as number two was a really hard sell. First off all, there are numerous others stories with greater mention and accolades when referring to the author. Furthermore, this is a transition period for Lovecraft published in , moving more towards science fiction and less towards horror. But this story has it all. The reader is introduced to the Mi-go, and alien race of "large, pinkish, fungoid, crustacean-like entities the size of a man," gory embellishments, and yes, a near complete compendium of Cthulu Mythos references.

What is Cthulhu?

In one sentence, the attributions are numerous:. Aside from its contents, the plot finishes the recipe. Suffice it to say, Albert N. Wilmarth, an instructor at Miskatonic University investigates a disturbing letter, only to learn the truth of an alien race with malevolent morals and intentions towards humankind. Every reader of Lovecraft pays tribute to this story, and therefore, it is number one.

It has an instrumental by famed band, Metallica , numerous cartoons, comics, T-shirts, crossword puzzles—you name it.

Lovecraftian Shorts : A Story Telling Game

The main objects of the story are a series of manuscripts: a bas-relief depicting the creature created from the dreams of a student artist, and the ancient, esoteric being who came to earth millions of years ago. In setting, it moves from Rhode Island to St. Perhaps you will note the similarities between the ending of this story and the story Dagon. Ironically, Lovecraft thought this writing was only fair among his efforts; it was rejected originally by Weird Tales, but later published with Robert E. Howard author of Conan stories praising it. And ultimately, while the debate will continue among his fans, Call of Cthulu will forever be the single piece of literature that defines H.

And so, you have been indoctrinated: educated in the reality that the author imparted nearly 80 years ago. Lovecraft is a very profound read to those of us who love horror; his stories exist on a terrifying level, beyond the scope of many other writers. With that satisfaction, it's always of interest to learn which story stands out from the rest. And, in this poll, here's your chance. Thanks for dropping by.

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If you have any comments or experiences and would like to share them, I'd be glad to read them. Also, feel free to list your favorite H. Lovecraft book. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I am shocked that The Shadow Out of Time got minimal love.

In my view, this is by far the finest of his stories. My favorite was actually Herbert West - Reanimator, It introduced a character with good intentions slowly becoming more curious and therefore more desperate for answers. I also really liked how everything really tied into the ending, because it was all connected. It's a slow and creepy build up..

My favorite H. Lovecraft story is cool air. I really connected with the characters and their relationship, and the ending gave me chills. Pun intended. Rats in the Walls. I don't think, even in the modern day, that there's anything quite as depraved as that story. I know a lot of Lovecraft fans dislike this one, but it is so packed with Lovecraft's incredible imagination, and hot damn it if I don't love the ending. It's a rare story I can read over and over and never get sick of.

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The Colour Out of Space would be my second choice, a truly brilliant and imaginative piece of fiction. So many great stories to choose from. Love it. Making a song in honour of H. P for a free downloadable compilation.

An Introduction to HP Lovecraft: 5 Essential Stories

Enjoy my offering, "The Birth of Cthulhu"! Invocation included!!! While it is a parody of such horror stories, its very entertaining and actually introduced Miskatonic University and Arkham. Its cosmic. Its cool.

It has shoggoths and Elder Things and human dissections and madness and Poe and a bleary setting and all you could want from Lovecraft. My personal favorite is the unfairly scathed "The Dreams in the Witch House.

Please support us! I've only read a few of Lovecraft's stories, but where does "Pickman's Model" stand among his stories? That's the story that really gave me the chills. Some well thought out choices here. Though this may be perceived as blasphemy, I actually found "The Call of Cthulu" to be one of Lovecraft's lesser works; possibly because the protagonist was so removed from the action, which didn't exactly make for gripping reading.

The idea of a person alone in a mysteriously degenerative community is fascinating, and you can certainly see echoes of this concept in such modern works as the light-hearted films of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, which only goes to reinforce the influence of Lovecraft in modern popular culture.