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Wining and dinosauring in San Juan, Argentina
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Two of the best overviews of the Luna expedition are to be found in the "Historical Introduction" by Herbert Priestley in his two volume set above, and the following article, accessible online through JSTOR. Hudson, Charles, Marvin T. Smith, Chester B.

12222 Solar eclipse, Chile and Argentina

Jackeline De Barros nació en San Ramón (Uruguay) y a la edad de cinco años se mudó a Montevideo. Creció en una familia donde contar historias es una. Hubo un día, en que dentro de un armario y a la luz de una vela, escribí mi primer cuento. Aún tenía las rodillas peladas y en la boca sabor a leche con cacao.

I plan to continue adding material to this page as I have time, so please revisit for updates and additional information. September, Exploratory detachment of men under 2 captains sent into the interior from Ochuse, one by land and the other by water up the Escambia River, returning after traveling 20 leagues in 20 days and arriving just after the hurricane.

September , Hurricane strikes fleet at Ochuse, destroying all but three vessels and most of the provisions. September-November, Detachment of men under 4 captains sent back into the interior from Ochuse, discovering a large Indian town called Nanipacana along the central Alabama River some 40 leagues inland, remaining there and sending word back to Ochuse. Early in October, a local historian named Tom Garner was driving through downtown Pensacola when he noticed ground disturbed on a private lot where a house had recently been bulldozed.

Ana Gabriel : Luna letra!!!

After Garner—who had been trained in professional archaeological methods at the University of West Florida UWF —walked over to the site with the exposed earth, he spotted a shard of pottery that he identified as the rim of an olive jar dating to the midth century. He contacted archaeologists at UWF about his discovery, and they got permission from the property owners to investigate further.

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The archaeologists who examined his findings—including John Worth, associate professor of historical archaeology and a noted historian of 16th-century Spanish colonies in the southeastern United States—were stunned. The university conducted fieldwork at this site in the mids, as have others since then, but no one had ever found diagnostics of the sort that Tom found on the surface.

People have looked for this site for a long time.

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The archaeologists turned up many more fragments of Spanish, Aztec and Native American pottery at the site, along with wrought iron nails, glass trade beads and other artifacts. By the s, 60 years after Columbus had first come upon the New World, North America had exerted a strong pull on Europeans, but the costs and risks of mounting explorations had left the continent relatively untouched.

Groups of tough Spanish conquistadors had penetrated the Mexican interior and conquered the peoples of Mexico and Peru, but only a few expeditions had entered the lands to the north. Stories of extraordinary riches of gold and silver prompted other countries to establish bases from which to attack the heavily laden treasure galleons returning to Spain. In a small fleet of reconnaissance craft scouted potential settlement locations along the northern gulf coast and returned with news of a safe haven in what would become Pensacola.

The Luna expedition sailed in June The colonists first unloaded their equipment, supplies, and weapons, a process that took place over five weeks.

Early Spanish Colony Unearthed In Downtown Pensacola - HISTORY

Two exploratory expeditions marched inland to reconnoiter the countryside. Luna ordered the ever critical food stores left aboard until carpenters could finish a secure warehouse.

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He sent the galleon San Juan de Ulua off to Veracruz with word of the successful landing. Master Diego Lopez and his crew of 50 aboard the Jesus drowned as their ship sank.

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One vessel was pushed inland by the storm surge and deposited intact in a dense grove of trees. On September 29 one of the barques sailed south to Veracruz with news of the calamity.

Archaeologists Discover Oldest Colonial Fort in U.S Interior

In short order the Luna expedition had transformed from a bold colonial venture into a rescue operation; all subsequent ship traffic between Veracruz and Pensacola focused on sending food and other supplies. Between February and June , the bulk of the starving colonists moved inland to central Alabama, and in April Luna dispatched soldiers to the Indian town of Coosa in northwest Georgia in search of food.

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They remained there through the fall. By the end of , all members of the colony had either died or returned to New Spain. Success eluded them until the early s, when the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research organized and funded a comprehensive plan for examining the seafloor.