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"She's on Fire" is a dance-pop, synthpop, and Hi-NRG song from the soundtrack of the film Scarface starring Al Pacino. The song was performed by singer. She's On Fire Lyrics: Don't be mistaken by the first impression / And watch out for that innocent expression / (Ooh-ah) She's not what she seems.

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Scarface I don't even know if it is an idiom Edited to substitute a link that doesn't require registration and include relevant information in the post itself. This Contract cannot operate to override any rights and obligations created by the Australian Competition and Consumer Act. You can check this by tracking your order using the link in your order confirmation email. Obviously I know it has the meaning of somebody burning but I'm interested to learn more the "figurative" use. We love love this new classic shade.

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Your cart. Close Cart. The legend says that Vesta was the first born daughter of the Titans Kronos and Rhea. Vesta was the only goddess to be immune to the love spells of Venus and although her beauty seduced all the male gods she was the only wanted to remain an eternal virgin. This is how she became the symbol of the heart, family and household as she was seen to protect the home. Explore the blog New Solstice Shadow Palettes. Goddess Royalty Rewards. World Environment Day. Mums the word.