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In essence, he acts in all the ways that Peter most likely would act if it weren't for his sense of responsibility. The one decent thing of note the Chameleon does do is invite Harry to stay with the Reillys, having cut himself off from Norman during the American Son storyline. So he helps Harry, letting that be his one good deed for people to remember Peter by.

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Oh, and this whole situation only lasts an issue. Well, fear not for the moment. Gotta suspend our disbelief somewhere. Unfortunately for him, the hits keep coming. Phew, what a day.

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Spider-Man book. Read 27 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Mary Jane comes back into Peter Parker's life, looking to reconcile, whi. stocylbersearch.ga: Spider-Man: Red-Headed Stranger (): Fred Van Lente, Brian Reed, Barry Kitson, Robert Atkins, Stephane Roux, Yanick Paquette: .

Thus, we have a slight status quo change. Harry is now living at the Reilly household which baffles Peter until he realizes what happened ; Michelle suddenly sees Peter and her as a couple which Peter hates Chameleon for ; and Peter finally gets to see Mary Jane face-to-face. And in an epilogue teaser, we see Chameleon approach Sasha Kravinoff, the ex-wife of the deceased Kraven the Hunter and mother of Ana, a girl we encountered for the first time a few posts back.

But what this sinister plot is exactly will have to wait a few more posts. The final issue in this volume covers a trio of stories, written by van Lente who tackles the first two and Brian Reed who tackles the third. So, as story two shows, she returns to New York and starts hosting a modeling TV show. The last story is penned by Brian Reed and shows Spidey saving a girl he thinks he might have a chance to get to know better.

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Spidey is single now, as we all know, so why not give him a chance? And on that sickeningly mushy note, Red-Headed Stranger is finished. Sasha Kravinoff is working in the shadows, and so is Damon Ryder. The next few volumes will hold some major changes in the life of the Spider-Man. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

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Red Headed Stranger

Nathan Kiehn more. Dang, van Lente, this is way darker than your Marvel Adventure days. Aw, dang it. Villainy in the Blood. The Bachelor Starring Peter Parker The final issue in this volume covers a trio of stories, written by van Lente who tackles the first two and Brian Reed who tackles the third. The Gauntlet is drawing near. Get excited. This stuff is going to beā€¦amazing.

What happens in the Red Headed Stranger arc? : Spiderman

Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Sign In Join. One of the Chameleon's abductees was Peter Parker himself, and our hero found himself picking up the pieces of that disaster. The Chameleon manipulated Peter's roommate, Michelle Gonzales, into thinking they were in a romantic relationship, something that's made things extremely awkward for Spider-Man.

One of the themes in 'Amazing Spider-Man' for the remainder of is the complete mess that is Peter Parker's love life. Surprisingly, while impersonating Peter Parker, the Chameleon actually did some good. After breaking away from his father Norman, Harry Osborn was left homeless and started abusing drugs again. You never stop being an addict or an alcoholic, you're always in recovery. I would say that definitely describes Harry. He's just got to take each day as it comes and struggle with that demon," Van Lente said.

Nevertheless, the Chameleon is now a bigger threat to Spidey than ever before. The villain's new client is the wife of the Spider-Man's deceased foe Kraven the Hunter, and she's tasked Chameleon with finally killing the Webslinger. Joe Kelly," Van Lente revealed.

It's something that I, my fellow Webheads and our editors know, but it's a story that will be told some time in the not so near future," Van Lente teased. In the first, readers will find out more about what Mary Jane Watson knows and what she was doing for a year on the West Coast. I'm trying to bolster my reputation as a villain makeover artist and I'm giving the White Rabbit the same treatment I gave the Spot and the Chameleon.

She's still pretty ridiculous, but I'm definitely trying to change her modus operandi. My high concept is Grace Slick as a super villain. I don't try to relate all super villains to celebrities, but it does make things easier. He did such an absolutely brilliant job. Van Lente's second story in "Amazing Spider-Man" is a shorter tale that serves to connect recent events in with upcoming ones.

It's a whole mess of stuff and Luke Ross drew it so it looks pretty. November also marks the beginning of "The Gauntlet," a series of interconnected story arcs that pit Spider-Man against updated and revamped versions of his classic foes. Barry Kitson, who drew most of the 'Red-Headed Stranger' arc. Van Lente is very excited to have the chance to revisit the early days Spidey's classic rogues.

The stories I'm telling in 'Web of Spider-Man' will be 'Untold Tales' style stories that enrich the original back story. I got my start in superhero comics with a series called 'The Silencers,' which was about superpowered mob enforcers. So this is very much, near and dear to my heart. Spider-Man's rogues' gallery is a large and varied one.

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Others are not. He's this conniving jerk who had to be paid a bonus to go up and save one of his fellow linemen, who was trapped on a high wire pole. That was how he got zapped by lightning and became a human battery," Van Lente explained. What's cool about Electro, though, is that he's such a conniving bastard and will go to great lengths in order to get paid.

Red-Headed Stranger

And my story takes place when he's still just Max Dillon. We're going to see him as part of this criminal gang that steals all these electrical components from a pretty well known industrialist in the Marvel Universe. It had all these great stories about characters who were tied to Spider-Man, but what is different about this incarnation of 'Web of Spider-Man' is that all the main stories in the book will relate to stuff going on in 'Amazing Spider-Man.

The writer also has an "Amazing Spider-Man" story in the works that is tentatively scheduled for December. It's our contribution to 'The Gauntlet,'" the writer revealed. Tags: marvel comics , spider-man , amazing spider-man , fred van lente. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site.

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