Spirit of the Stones - A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom

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He brings all of those different modalities into his teaching and healing and works a lot with his ancient ancestors in the land.

Davyd is available for one-to-one and remote healings. Sydney, Australia. Since commencing lecturing in , Lis has taught a variety of herbal medicine, naturopathic and professional development subjects for three leading Australian colleges. She has written natural therapy course curriculum and authored the internationally endorsed text book "Iridology: a Beginner's Guide. She is a mentor and clinical supervisor for postgraduate herbal medicine and naturopathy practitioners. She facilitates small group and individual mentoring sessions to assist new practitioners with confidence and momentum in their early years of private practice.

She has a passion for keeping traditional knowledge alive for future generations. Lis is a founding member of Estuary Learning Inc. She is available for in-person and long distance healing sessions. From that day forward her life journey became enriched by the plant beings. Through her own personal experience and continued learning, she is honoured to be able to share and support others in their healing journey using plant spirit healing and plant communication.

Spirit of the Stones

She has been in her field for over 20 years exploring the healing powers of touch, energy and plants. Her own personal Plant Spirit Healing experiences are profound and have great depth. Ali is available for in-person and distance healing sessions. Cristina also graduated with honor in Landscape Architecture, focusing her practice on healing gardens and therapeutic landscape. She offers design and consultancy services as "Dryades Design" www.

Plant Spirit Healing Sessions. Certified Plant Spirit Healing Practitioners. Ceremony and Ritual. Plant and Tree Initiations.

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Earth shares the spirit of its wisdom with us at all times. All we have to do is stop, be still and listen to the silent voice of the EarthSpeak! In this true story, the. Read Spirit of the Stones: A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom by Amalia Camateros for for the spirits of the stones, recovering the ancient wisdom of Earth Mother so.

Catherine Foley Brooklyn, New York catherine helpyourself. Beth Steinmann Guerneville, California www. Wales, United Kingdom davyd. You will awaken your inner shaman, ground your energy with Earth, access the wisdom of the ancient stones, clear the entanglements of the mind and deepen to the original state of your natural self. Experience the healing power and depth of the Sedona vortexes. With the use of living ceremony in present moment awareness, Amalia will craft a ceremony which may cover these areas:.

Scroll down the page to see Unique and Specialized offerings by our guides. She is a Ceremonialist, Shamanic Priestess, Transformational Teacher and EarthSpirit Wisdom Guide, who inspires us to reconnect with Earth and our own body as a sacred temple of living spirit. Events must be booked individually. Please call to book multiple parties with one payment method. I spent several wonderful months there, blossoming in ways I could not have elsewhere.

Once I got settled into the quaint adobe house, I quickly developed a routine. Most mornings I practiced yoga on the flat, sun-warmed rocks by the river. Sometimes I spent hours in the pastures, watching or patting the horses.

Spirit of the Stones

In the evenings, I wrote, painted, or read. Tiny, especially, became my mentor. Like Uncle Cassy, she was one of a kind—a free spirit who from long experience and many adventures held a deep well of knowledge and who gently tended to my spiritual, and natural, self. With Uncle Cassy I had experienced an intense connection with Nature, especially with the sun and moon.

Shamanic Healing & Earth Spirit Wisdom at Aumbase Sedona

And, the celestial connections continued. But this was no ordinary light. As I looked up, the moon appeared to be ablaze, radiating streams of light every bit as fierce and fiery as a midday sun. At first I thought I had something in my eyes that was refracting the light, creating this light show, but after vigorously rubbing my eyes, nothing changed.

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I stopped walking and simply stared, allowing myself to be bathed in this lunar light show. Usually the moonlight was subdued, almost velvety in quality, but now its light was streaming forth in distinctly angular rays that reached all the way to the ground, as solid as swords piercing the earth. I had never seen anything like it, and as I stood there transfixed, I thought of my experience of the Golden Staircase to the Sun, and thought that surely this experience was counterpart to that one. I finally continued on home and fell asleep that night wondering what these light shows were trying to communicate to me, for they felt like messages that I could not yet decipher.

It was not long after this lunar light show that I had another distinctive experience with a force of nature—this time with Mother Earth. It was a sunny day, and I was happily digging a hole in the soil to plant a small shrub. Suddenly, I heard a voice coming out of the ground. I was startled, and looked around to see if someone had come up behind me. But no one had. I was alone.

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As I turned back and looked down at the rich, dark soil under my feet, I heard the voice again. It was not a voice that came from without, but one that seemed to be speaking to me from within myself, although in some inexplicable way I also knew that it had come up from out of the earth. The voice, sounding ancient and primordial, spoke my name, Amalia. The sound reverberated through me and shocked me somewhat, for I had not been called Amalia since childhood, which was my given name—after my maternal grandmother—but since I started school I had been called Amelia.

My teachers had made the change, declaring with authority that Amelia was a name more befitting an English-based culture. My almost instantaneous reaction to this primordial voice from the earth, after my astonishment, was to feel that my primary identity, my birthright, had just been given back to me.

At the moment I heard that name spoken by the earth, I felt as if all the disparate pieces of my life fell into place, that I was somehow restored to a natural state, reborn even. I suddenly understood how having been called Amelia had limited the experience of myself, constraining my passionate spirit and prodding me to conform to what others expected of me as a good girl. I realized it was a name attached not to my inherent spirit but to that part of me that learned to survive emotionally in a culture that did not take kindly to upstarts and freethinkers. Upon hearing what I thought to be the voice of Earth speak my real name, Amalia, I felt renewed to my original nature.

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I was now able to reclaim what I had lost—the connection of my spirit to my body. In a flash I knew that my time here at The Farm was at an end, and that, strange as it might seem, it was time for me to return home. I felt a sudden and powerful urge to see my namesake, my Grandmother Amalia, whom I had never met.

I knew from my most recent phone contact with my parents that she was due to arrive any day from Egypt for her first family visit to Australia. I wondered if the voice I had heard might in fact have been hers. Perhaps that was so, but the voice nevertheless arose from out of the depths of Earth. I recognized a call on two fronts: an immediate call home to meet my namesake and a more ambiguous call to continue connecting in deeper and more nurturing ways with Mother Earth.

While I was very hesitant to leave my little haven by the river with the elderly wise ones of The Farm who had taught me so much about nature, and about myself, I also could not deny myself the opportunity to meet my grandmother. So, nearly a year after I had left home, I reluctantly returned to the place I was raised in, Springvale, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria. I had always called Springvale a quarantine area, as there was very little life-force energy there, hardly any trees, and even less spontaneity or gaiety of spirit. The nearer I got to my childhood home, the more my body and soul seemed to protest, cautioning me in whispers, Stop!

Go back to nature.

But it was too late. I felt obligated to carry out my inclination to reconnect with my family and my heritage. My reunion with family was joyous. My parents, although they had separated during my time away, and sister were happy to have me home safe and sound. My father particularly surprised me. Our reunion was especially warm, as he showed none of his usual disinterest in me. In fact, since my parents were now living apart, I stayed with my father, and we got to know each other in a new, more mature and nurturing way. My Grandmother Amalia lived up to all the family stories I had heard about her.

She was of small stature, but regal bearing. She was outspoken, but kind. We connected almost immediately, and became fast friends, and even confidantes. Even though my reunion with my family had gone much better than I expected, it took an enormous amount of focus and inner strength, and a huge leap of faith, for me to stay in the city environs.