The Four of Us: A Play

U.S. Bank Stadium is taking on a new look for the NCAA Final Four
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The five boys were falsely convicted of the rape of a white woman, Patricia Meili, in Central Park in the spring of The five boys were paraded in front of the media after, they say, they were intimidated by NYPD officers into falsely confessing their involvement in the assault — despite no DNA evidence linking them to the scene of the crime. These videotaped confessions would later go on to secure convictions against all five boys in one of the most closely watched trials of the decade. Michael K Williams was 22 when the incident took place, living in the neighboring borough of Brooklyn.

He recalls that period with anger. Seeing them failed, and feeling like something was not adding up.

The 'This Is Us’ Season 4 Cast Includes a Lot of Brand New Characters

Williams, now 52 and best known for his role as Omar Little in The Wire, plays Bobby McCray , father of Antron, one of the five boys falsely convicted. Some of the most moving sequences are the intimate moments between parent and child as the adults are forced to explain the brutal realities of policing to children of colour.

None is more confronting than Bobby McCray explaining to his son he should sign a false confession in the hours after the attack due to his misplaced belief it would allow him to walk free. Together we can inspire a culture of service that moves beyond a single day and creates real, sustainable change in ourselves and in our communities.

Because four feels good, and we hope the good is addictive. Good can start small, but the fun part is watching the ripple grow big. Just a few hours can have a huge impact. In doing so, our goal is to continue growing a movement of brands and organizations that offer their employees paid volunteer hours each month and put their people and their profit on equal footing.

The Sports Equinox Is Upon Us

Want to implement a monthly Good Four policy for your company? Spend four minutes researching the organization or cause you want to do good for. Guide your do-gooders to local organizations or causes in need of their skills, expertise, time or talent.

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Encourage other companies to join you in doing good by participating in Good Four. However, four ball was not one of the original formats used in the Ryder Cup. When the Ryder Cup debuted in and all the way through the match, only foursomes and singles matches were played.

Four ball was added to the tournament beginning with the Ryder Cup. As for the biggest amateur team international tournaments: The Walker Cup does not use four ball, the Curtis Cup does.

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So how does scorekeeping work in a four ball match? On the first hole, all four golfers tee off, and all four golfers in the match play their own golf balls until holed.

The partners compare scores: Which of them made the better score on the hole? And Side 2, in this example, wins the first hole, 3 to 4. In a stroke-play four ball tournament, the two golfers on a side mark down the lower of their two scores on each hole, then tally it up at the end of the round and compare that total to the field.