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    Nana then decides that the best cure would be to frighten Clara so much that she is forced to cry out for help. Over the ensuing nine years, Nana invents a countless number of disguises and traps to try to scare Clara into talking. Nana only succeeds in turning Barrabas into a nervous wreck.


    Clara's muteness forces her to be removed from school and taught at home. She is an avid reader and begins a lifelong practice of filling "innumerable notebooks with her private observations".

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    She also carries a chalkboard with her through which she communicates. Once Honorio the gardener tells Clara a dream he has had, which she interprets successfully, helping him to win eighty pesos gambling.

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    The news circulates and soon everyone is asking Clara to interpret their dreams. Instead of losing her abilities as she gets older, as Nana had predicted, Clara becomes more clairvoyant.

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    She predicts deaths and natural disasters, reads cards, and plays the piano with the cover down. Severo dislikes his daughter's eccentricities and forbids her to use her powers, but this only increases her activities until Nivea steps in and gives her free reign.

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    Clara accompanies Nivea in all of her daily activities, from sewing to suffragette protests. In Clara's silence, Nivea tells her countless stories about the family.

    Everyone is so amazed that she has begun speaking again that they pay little attention to her prediction. Esteban arrives home to find the house falling apart and Ferula greatly aged and embittered, but he is still in time to say goodbye to his mother Dona Ester. Dona Ester tells Esteban that she will die in peace if she knows he is going to settle down and get married.

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